Who is Jennifer?

a regular girl sharing her experiences

I’m just a regular girl trying to navigate through my 20s and “adulting” like the rest of my generation.

After graduation life became very real and I slowly came to the realization that I didn’t know what I was doing. Starting a new career, buying a car, moving to a new city and paying all of my bills was overwhelming.

I thought to myself often, why was it so difficult to adjust? I did well in school, so I should be prepared to handle things like this right? Wrong. From my experience, there is a huge gap in the skills we learn in school and the practical skills we need to survive in our day to day lives. As much as these degrees cost you would think we would have all the skills we need to survive and more, but that hasn’t been the case.

After struggling for a while I finally started to figure it out. I purchased my first car, moved into my new apartment and officially began my career.

Within 18 months, I had paid off all of my debt including my student loans, credit card debt, and my car note. I was able to continue traveling totaling to over 20 countries, start my own business and maintain a budget . Things we’re starting to look a little better.

One day after having a long discussion with my insurance company followed by another lengthy question and answer session with an accountant I decided that there had to be a better way to learn these things.

I started ADLT 101  to be the resource I wish I had while I was in school to make this transition a little easier. From buying cars to just trying to discover myself this site is a place where I am able to share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I want to share the things that I learned during this process with others in similar situations. I am still learning new things every day and each day I am getting better. Transitioning to life after college shouldn’t have to be a complete game of trial and error. 


I try to be extremely relatable when mentoring and coaching clients. I understand that a lot of jargon and cryptic language can make learning new concepts hard so I keep it to a minimum. I often use comedy in my seminars and workshops to keep the mood light and entertaining while teaching valuable content.


I share relevant information with individuals transitioning to life after school. Many of the life skills needed to survive post graduation are not explicitly taught in our school curriculum leaving students to do their own research or resort to trial and error. The information I share through various platforms help people make real-life decisions in regards to how to live their lives.


I want everyone I work with to feel like they can ask me anything without fear or judgment. Just like asking a good friend for advice, I want people to ask me questions without reservation. In return, I promise to always give my honest answer. No one should have to feel alone when making such a huge life transition. It’s hard enough just trying to figure out how to become an adult. We’re all in this together so I make sure everyone I work with feels included.

Post-grad life doesn't have to be intimidating.

I want to share the things that I learned during my post-graduate experiences with others in similar situations. I hope you can learn from my experiences as I hope to learn from you as well. Feel free to ask me about anything from budgeting to starting a business!

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